• Robert Smalls was born into slavery in Beaufort, South Carolina.  And at age 12, his master...
  • Alaska Airline flight attendant Shelia Fedrick didn’t board the plane that fateful day in 2011...
  • In the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the...
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Heroes you should know: Dorothea Dix


Heroes you should know: Lucretia Mott


Heroes you should know: Jerome Lejeune


Heroes You Should Know: Liviu Librescu

 “If you are limited, then you miss the freedom. And I—I would like to be fluid. I would like to be free as a bird and fly everywhere.”  -Liviu Librescu 

An unmarked grave: The virtue of zeal

“Do now, do now what you will wish to have done when your moment comes to die.” -St. Angela MericiOne of the dangers in writing about virtue is that in an effort to bring this all-important concept to life, other-worldly figures are used as models. This can leave one feeling more than a little inadequate, and doubtful about ever being truly “virtuous.”

Letting go: The virtue of forgiveness

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” -Lewis B. SmedesDuring the occupation of Holland, an exemplary woman named Corrie Ten Boom and her equally amazing family joined the Dutch underground, and hid Jews from the Nazis. They did so by building a secret room at the top of their home, and for almost two years dozens of men, women, and children were sheltered from death there.

Working out: The virtue of industriousness

“We work to become, not to acquire.” -Elbert Hubbard

Sticks and stones: The virtue of compassion

"Compassionate action involves working with ourselves as much as working with others.” -Pema ChodronI just finished reading Rush Limbaugh’s apology to Sandra Fluke for calling her a “slut.” She is the law student who recently attempted to advocate for affordable health care coverage of contraception, he is the bombastic talk-show host who blew an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue about an important issue.

When Wright is wrong: The virtue of tolerance

“Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.” -Ayaan Hirsi AliI received an invitation last week to attend a lecture at my former seminary given by Dr. Jeremiah Wright. This is the same Jeremiah Wright who was at one time Barack Obama’s pastor. But after years of listening to the anti-semitic, race-baiting, fear- mongering, shockingly insensitive remarks the President was finally moved to criticize Wright, and even resign his membership at the church, saying he was “saddened” and “outraged” by Wright’s behavior. Wright predictably blamed Obama’s decision on the Jews.

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