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We bring a message of healing and hope where they are most likely to receive it.

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We give several seminars and workshop each month all over Southern California on such topics as: Healthy Communicating in the Family, Rearing Healthy Children, Developing a Strong Marriage, Growing through Loss, and Overcoming Depression.

We understand that not everyone is going to find their way into counseling, so we’re ready to bring the message of healing and hope to people where they are most likely to receive it.


Stillpoint is active throughout the community, supporting families with a scientifically sound values-based approach.

Thomas Murphy Goodwin, MD

Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

Workshop Topics

Building an Outstanding Family: A Seven Step Christian Plan

Dr. Porter offers a practical, inspirational, and empowering plan for understanding, healing, and strengthening the very foundation of our emotional and psychological lives. In order to be truly fulfilled we must learn how to live and love in community…and it all starts with the family!

The Seven Deadly Sins: A 21st Century Approach

Pride, Anger, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Lust, and Gluttony; sound like we’re discussing the front page of your local newspaper? The seven deadly sins have never been more prominent or disruptive, but there is hope. In this practical and integrated workshop, Dr. Porter weaves psychological insights with theological truths in order to present a most effective way of addressing sin and building key virtues. Win the fight of your life! Dr. Porter speaks on each of the seven deadly sins separately as well.

The Marital Fitness Plan: 20 Ways in 20 days

There is no institution more precious, or more challenging! Couples don’t just fall into a happy and healthy marriage, they have a plan…and work it. Dr. Porter presents 20 practical and empowering tips for building and maintaining a truly outstanding marriage.

Virtue Therapy (Adults): Habits for happiness

Responsibility, Forgiveness, Availability, Patience, Gratitude
We don’t change because we talk a lot or feel a lot; we change because we LIVE differently. In this workshop, Dr. Porter identifies key virtues that adults need to practice, the stumbling blocks that get in the way, and a practical plan for building habits that lead to happiness.

Hidden Graces: Surrendering without giving up

Using Jean Pierre de Caussade’s spiritual masterpiece Abandonment to Divine Providence, Dr. Porter presents an inspiring and practical plan for embracing God’s Providence with joy.

Special Families/Special Opportunities: Embracing the challenges and blessings of a special needs child

As both a father of a special needs son, and a clinical psychologist who works with special needs families, Dr. Porter presents an uplifting workshop about how to fully embrace the unique opportunity to live and love in a “special family.” This workshop is educational and at the same time personal.

Men at Midlife…and beyond!: Becoming Truly Successful

Crisis or transition? If men are to find true meaning and purpose, they must live differently in the second half of life. In this workshop, Dr. Porter explores the four key challenges of midlife, and how to grow through them. This workshop is both spiritual and psychological.

The Virtue of Fatherhood

All men are called to the virtue of fatherhood. In this workshop Dr. Porter explores the crisis of fatherhood, and what men can do to become the best fathers possible…and real men of influence! This workshop is relevant for men who have children, and men who don’t.

Virtue Therapy (Teens): Habits for happiness

Friendship, Modesty, Humility, Audacity, Patriotism

Virtue Therapy (Couples): Habits for happiness

Chastity, Play, Generativity, Empathy, Remembrance


Virtue Therapy (Parents): Habits for happiness

Nurturance, Protectiveness, Adaptability, Communication, Foresight

Virtue Therapy (Families): Habits for happiness

Justice, Prudence, Courage, Moderation, Religion

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