• Robert Smalls was born into slavery in Beaufort, South Carolina.  And at age 12, his master...
  • Alaska Airline flight attendant Shelia Fedrick didn’t board the plane that fateful day in 2011...
  • In the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the...
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"Stillpoint is well integrated with faith and spirituality. I recommend it to anyone seeking wholeness and healing."

- Father Thomas Nelson, O. Praem.

"I am familiar with the work that Dr. Ross Porter and his staff do and would recommend their services to members of the Jewish Community. I know of many success stories and I am confident that he and the team of clinical therapists that work at Stillpoint Family Resources will be able to assist those in need of services."

- Lauren Gottlieb, Teacher, Congregation Or Ami

"Stillpoint is active throughout the community, supporting families with a scientifically sound values-based approach."

- Thomas Murphy Goodwin, MD., Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

"In a day when mental health care is frequently framed in dollars and profit, Stillpoint stands out as an exemplar not-for-profit operation."

- Jeffrey P. Bjorck Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Stillpoint provides the ultimate safety net for families and youth in need, through the excellent services it provides.  I thank God for Dr. Ross Porter and his vision."

- Walter Allen, Mayor, City of Covina

"The personal commitment by yourself and your staff to Judeo-Christian principles is noteworthy and a significant contribution toward healing and mentoring those in need, particularly the youth-at-risk."

- Mother Regina Marie, OCD, Superior General, Carmelite Sisters

"So much do I believe in the work Stillpoint is doing, that I have left part of my estate to further their ministry."

- Ms. Gerry Fagoaga, MFT

"By focusing on the underserved, Stillpoint brings help to the families that need it most and may have the hardest time getting it."

- Donald G. Marshall, Fletcher Jones Chair of Great Books, Pepperdine University

"Recently, our family faced multiple issues: psychologically and legally. We were paralyzed with grief and not completely sure how to start the healing process. A referral to Stillpoint Family Resources was a vital part of our family's recovery and we are forever grateful for their commitment and excellence in services provided."

- Teresa, former client

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