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Heroes You Should Know: Jennifer Bricker

Jennifer Bricker was raised with one rule, “Never say ‘can’t’!” But what if you’re left at the hospital by your parents the day of your birth because you have no legs?  And what if your dream is to be a gymnast, and play basketball and softball, and eventually be a star in Hollywood?  ‘Never say can’t’ doesn’t just sound unrealistic…it sounds cruel. But for this amazing young woman, who was adopted by amazing parents, it was the phrase that gave her life direction.     Jennifer grew up idolizing Olympic gold medal gymnast Dominique Moceanu.  So at 7 she began to work with her father on a trampoline.  And by high school she had become the Illinois state tumbling champion.  And yes, she also played high school softball and basketball. But one question continued to nag her…who were her birth parents?  At 16 she asked and learned that her last name had been…Moceanu…and her idol growing up, gold medalist Dominique Moceanu…was in fact her birth sister. Jennifer tracked down the contact information of her hero, sent her proof of their relationship, and then phoned her sister. Jennifer recalled highlights of that first conversation…that they were sisters, that Jennifer was also a gymnast, and oh yeah, that she had no legs.  Is it any wonder that little sister is now big sister’s hero? Jennifer presently lives in Hollywood, has toured as an acrobat with Brittany Spears, and is training for an upcoming aerial performance at the Lincoln Center. Jennifer Bricker is a hero you should know. And I’m Dr. Ross Porter.

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