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Heroes You Should Know: Gianna Molla

Dr. Gianna Molla and her husband wanted children, and even though each of her pregnancies brought increasing physical difficulties for Gianna she remained open to life.  Two months into her fourth pregnancy, doctors informed her that a tumor in her uterus had grown to the point that it was threatening both her life and the baby’s.  She was presented with three choices:  an abortion, a hysterectomy (which of course would also end the baby’s life), or a risky surgery to remove the tumor.  As a pediatrician, Gianna understood well what she was choosing:  the greatest chance of life for her baby, and the greatest chance of harm for herself.  The surgery was successful, and the tumor was removed without affecting the baby. But complications continued throughout the pregnancy, and Gianna had a premonition that her greatest sacrifice still lay ahead.  She told her brother and husband that if it came to a decision to save the baby or her, she demanded that they save the baby. On Holy Saturday, 1962, Gianna gave birth to her fourth child, Gianna Emanuela. However, the difficult pregnancy had taken a great toll and an infection in the lining of her intestine was already racking her exhausted body.  The new mother began to decline rapidly, and seven days after the birth, quietly repeating the phrase, “Jesus I love you, Jesus I love you,” Gianna Molla died.  She was 39 years-old. On May 16, 2004 this wife, mother, and doctor was officially declared a saint, and at her canonization her husband and the baby for whom she chose life---who by then had also become a physician---were present. Gianna Molla is a hero you should know. And I’m Dr. Ross Porter.

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