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Heroes You Should Know: Mukhtar Mai

 At 13 years old, Mukhtar Mai was forced into marriage in rural Pakistan.  Within a few years she was divorced and living with her parents.  With no education, Mai made the best of her situation by working as a seamstress and within a few years had saved enough to purchase her own cattle.  

The Potato Field

“Integrity is what you do when no one is watching.”  -Tony Dungy 

Heroes You Should Know: Gianna Molla

Dr. Gianna Molla and her husband wanted children, and even though each of her pregnancies brought increasing physical difficulties for Gianna she remained open to life.  Two months into her fourth pregnancy, doctors informed her that a tumor in her uterus had grown to the point that it was threatening both her life and the baby’s.  She was presented with three choices:  an abortion, a hysterectomy (which of course would also end the baby’s life), or a risky surgery to remove the tumor.  

Heroes You Should Know: Bill Ashe

In a speech to the United Nations, former Director General Kofi Annan stated:  “We shall not finally defeat AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, or any of the other infectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won the battle for safe drinking water, sanitation, and basic health care.” While that statement is sinking in, let me give you one more statistic:  every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-born disease.Enter Bill Ashe.  

The Season of Yes!

 “What makes the desert beautiful is that it hides, somewhere, a well.”                               -Antoine de Saint Exupér

Because of You: The Virtue of Love

"If I know what love is, it is because of you."-Herman Hesse Love is the greatest of all the virtues.  And it is the foundation of everything that is good.  Nothing else has been written about more often than love, or studied more closely than love, or longed for more universally than love, or confused more regularly than love.  

Heroes You Should Know: Lee Jong Rak

 Have you heard of the “baby box?”  No, it’s not something you can buy in an upscale department store, or find on a baby shower registry.  It is the creation of Pastor Lee Jong Rak of South Korea who in desperation and love placed it outside his home in Seoul with a simple sign that reads, “Place to leave babies.”  Hundreds of parents abandon their babies, especially those considered disabled, on the roadsides of South Korea each year.  But now that number is dropping thanks to the pastor. 

Heroes You Should Know: John Wood


Heroes You Should Know: Ralph Lazo

In the months following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the involuntary internment of more than 110,000 men, women and children of Japanese heritage.  Most Americans considered this a necessary measure to protect the United Sates from further attacks.  But 16 year-old Ralph Lazo was not one of them. Lazo watched as his Japanese-American friends began to be shipped to Manzanar---the relocation site nearest his home.  And as summer vacation arrived, the young man decided he had to act. 

Heroes You Should Know: Maximillian Kolbe

 Maximillian Kolbe, a Franciscan priest, is best known for his heroic death in a starvation bunker in Auschwitz.  For many, this is why he’s a martyr.  But it should really be for how he lived.

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